Are you looking for new ways to add value to your digital media software platform? Or generate new revenue streams with a premium product offering? Or perhaps you’re looking to increase customer retention and engagement? Empowering your customers with pre-licensed and unwatermarked creative stock media via the VideoBlocks Enterprise API can be an efficient and versatile way to add new value to your product.

Our API provides seamless access to VideoBlocks’ creative digital media databases–including diverse stock videos, images, and audio content–while integrated within your product’s platform. By adding our content directly to your product offerings, you can maximize the reach and engagement of your platforms, creating important value added for your customers and new opportunities for generating revenue.

How can our API work with your platform?

The possibilities are practically endless. Our API is designed to integrate across websites, applications, and content management systems–this means that you can add VideoBlocks content to any number of different platforms, from online video editing platforms and website builders to email marketing platforms and social media applications.

High profile companies like RendrFX and Moovly have already partnered with us for API access to great success. Through RendrFX’s online video creation platform, hundreds of millions of hours of video are created and viewed on Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat, Twitter, and other platforms each day. By partnering with VideoBlocks, RendrFX is empowering its customers to continue creating engaging social media content by providing easy in-platform access to VideoBlocks’ large database of stock digital creative media.

So why should your platform partner with VideoBlocks Enterprise?

1. Empower your users and customers with $15M worth of royalty-free stock media.

By connecting the VideoBlocks API to your platform, you can seamlessly add our digital content to your products. All of this content is automatically licensed for use throughout the platform and for your end users. The VideoBlocks database includes access to 4K and HD videos and animations, After Effects and Apple Motion templates, photographs, vectors, audio tracks and loops, and many more stock media types–all of which are royalty-free.

2. Drive user engagement and retention.

When your users need to leave your platform or open additional applications to upload digital content–whether it’s video, graphics, or audio files–this can create a hurdle to them fully using your product. The VideoBlocks API works across any device, allowing your users to access content from your platform, including via mobile, tablet, or desktop applications. Your users never leave your product, while gaining access to important creative media for their projects.

3. Increase the value of your product based on the functionality of our library.

Our API allows your developers to create tools based on the capabilities of the VideoBlocks library, including search, preview, and download content. Via the API, your platform can quickly interface with our content’s metadata, from tags and categories to image previews, enabling efficient searches and downloads for your customers.

4. Create value-added or new revenue opportunities by including stock media access in your platform.

The VideoBlocks API can augment a multitude of different platforms, including website or ad builders, creative tools, and mobile applications. Whether you’re looking to add licensed content to your platform for all of your users or package it as a premium offering, our API and creative content can give your product a competitive advantage in the marketplace. With seamless access to $15M in digital stock media, your end-users derive more value from your product while your company can increase opportunities for customer engagement and new revenue streams.

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